About Us

We offer tech support services for configure, installation, setups and connectivity to modem of different types of routers such as Norton Core, Amped, Asus, TP-Link, Arris and Tenda.
Our company provides various services to manage your setuprouters and gives you the best solution for every problem. There could be many issues you might face with it’s accessories, there might be a need for extension of setuproutes. It can be anything but we will prove to be indispensable for you. We even facilitate the live chat so that you we can provide you instant solution at any time.

Our Services

Norton Core Router.
Amped Wireless Router.
Asus Router.
Tp Link Router.
Arris Router.
Tenda Router.

How to Change Your Router Settings

Gain Access to a Router.

Change Your Router’s Login Information.

Change Router IP Address.

Change Your SSID.

Configure Multi-SSID and Guest Wi-Fi.

Change the Wireless Channel and Band.

Set Up Parental Controls.

Activate Remote Management.

See Who Is Connected to My Router.

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