Amped Wireless Router

Wireless routers are definitely not all the same.  Even some of the more expensive ones have problems with dead zones and signal strength . But things are not same with ample Wireless .

AMPED WIRELESS is a Titan AC 1900 Wi-Fi router . It is  so ultimate that it comes with an amazing processor, lots of memory  , plenty of amplifiers and four very powerful high gain antennas.

It comes in this environmentally friendly packaging material and note that everything has its place,  included is a documentation and installation video . On this CD , warranty information you can download their Wi-Fi analytics tool.  You can use that pretty much on any Android device as well as Windows. Range is definitely not going to be a problem , as well signal drops would never happen . Don't forget to update the firmware as soon as you get it just to make sure that everything is current .It is  a gorgeous looking router that performs extremely.


  1. Before you start with installation and then setup , you  need to disconnect and power off your existing router.
  2.  if you do not have an existing router continue with the next step next.
  3. Power off your broadband modem , To do this ,  disconnect the power adapter from the broadband modem .

4.some broadband modems also have backup batteries that keep the modem on even when the power adapter is removed .

  1. If your modem has  remove the backup battery as well  , do not power on the modem until prompted later on in this installation .
  2. Once the modem has been powered off,  Connect the high-powered router to your modem
  3. Locate the antennas included with the product and attach them to the antenna ports on the back of the high-powered router.
  4.  Use one of the included network cables and connect one end of the cable to your modem
  5. connect the other end to the blue modem port on your router .
  6. After the modem has been connected to the high-powered router , power on the modem by attaching the power adapter and backup battery if available.
  7.  Do not power on the router at this point

12 . Next , connect your computer to the high-powered router .

  1.   Use the additional included Ethernet cable and connect one end to one of the four green wired ports .
  2. On the back of the router connect the other end to the cable to an available network port on your computer.
  3.  Before you attach the power adapter to your high-powered router make sure youR computer is not currently connected to any wireless networks.
  4.  If it is make sure to first disconnect your computer from the wireless network before powering on the high-powered router.
  5.  once the high-powered router and your computer have powered on, open your web browser and type in setup dot and wireless comm into the web address bar.
  6.  The web menu supports Google Chrome Internet Explorer and Safari web browsers . if you are using Firefox or any other web browsers please switch to one of the supported web browsers instead and access the web menu
  7. If the web menu fails to open , type : , Now you do not need an internet connection to access the setup menu , it is served from the high-powered router directly.
  8.  If you continue to have problems opening up the setup menu , try disabling any third-party firewalls that your computer may have installed and double click to make sure that your computer is not connected to any wireless networks.
  1. When accessing the web menu you'll be prompted to enter a login and a password.
  2. The default login is admin and the default password is admin. You can change this at a later time .
  3. When the web menu appears you will see the Welcome page for the smart setup wizard
  4. Click start to begin the setup process
  5. click on automatic configuration to allow the high powered router to detect your internet settings .
  6. If you are a more advanced user or you have an internet connection that requires you to enter a login information or static IP settings , select manual configuration after the high powered router has detected your internet settings.
  7. Iit will prompt you whether the settings were configured correctly or whether more information is needed .
  8. Click Next to continue to the next step of the smart setup wizard and setup the system clock for your router .
  9. Click sync to synchronize the router system clock.
  10. Click  Next to continue
  11. Now , the wireless setting page allows you to configure settings for your local wireless network .
  12. Click Next to finish the setup .
  13. The high-power router will now apply your settings and reboot , this process may take up to one minute so please be patient .
  14.  If there are any errors with the connection or your settings ,  you'll be notified and asked to reconfigure your settings .
  15. If your settings are correct , you will see a summary of your connection details.
  16.  You are now ready to use your new network
  17. Feel free to disconnect the ethernet cable from your computer and connect wirelessly to your high-powered router
  18. Connect any wire device such as a computer blu-ray player television or other devices that need networking nativity,  using the four wired network ports on the back of the high-powered router .
  19. To wirelessly connect to the high-powered router with a computer simply locate the Windows wireless icon on the bottom right corner of your desktop and click it to view available wireless networks.
  20.  Select the network titled emp'd network and click connect .
  21. Enter the security key
  22. Click OK to connect .
  23. You are all set to go now !!

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