Arris Router

Arris Router is actually three products in one . it's a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem , a dual band concurrent which is important to that 11 AC Wi-Fi router and a two-port Gigabit Ethernet router.

The router has LED status lights up at the  top and power light below , that downstream channel and upstream channel on line 2.4 gigahertz wireless and 5 gigahertz wireless . On the left  side there are  ventilation hose, On the rear you have 2 1 gigabit ethernet ports and  reset button which requires a paperclip or a tech cable connector also a  power connector on the bottom . On top you will have more vent hose and a WPS pairing . It is a all-in-one router so let's go over the specifications ,its DOCSIS 3.0 certified and it's backwards compatible with docsis 2.0 . You have download speeds up to three hundred and forty three megabytes per second and upload speeds up to one hundred and thirty one megabytes per second. It's ipv6 compatible which is the latest internet standard dual-band concurrent 802.11 AC Wi-Fi.

You have 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz , two Ethernet ports,  8 download and 4 upload channels , 2x2 MIMO antennas on a 2.4 gigahertz spectrum and 3 by 3 MIMO antennas 185 gigahertz spectrum. Also you  have firewall protection as well , spi and n 80 as far as two websites web manager goes it's laid out pretty well . Starting from the top you have your home button , status menu , basic advanced wireless firewall.

The internet speed is seventy-five megabytes a second. It has  no USB port so you can't use this for like a print server or stuff like that  and You have two Gigabit Ethernet ports in it .


  1. On your router there is the  little sticker that has your network name which is the name of the Wi-Fi that you would be looking for with your Wi-Fi enabled device whether it be your cell phone or your laptop or your tablet .
  2. You have your pre-shared key located right here about midway down the sticker and that is your password .
  3. Now you  would be inserting to access the Wi-Fi
  4. But if you  get one of these without the sticker there's no need to worry,  we're going to show you how to get around this problem and it'll be very quick.
  5. First of all You can use whatever web browser you want.
  6. Type  in .
  7. This will bring you  to the login screen and this is the first screen that is very important to accessing the modem.
  8. If you see this screen you know that everything is going properly .
  9. The username is admin and it's already filled in the.
  10. Password is password in all lowercase.
  11. Click apply .


  1. And very quickly it will take you  to the next screen.
  2. Now you only need to alter two settings that is your wireless network name and your pre shared key three and make it something more secure.
  3. Now scroll down and click apply.
  4. This process only takes about five seconds.
  5. Just make sure if all the information is after you click “ apply in above step “ .
  6. Now go down to your Wifi bar and there is is a button , click on that button .
  7. Now it will try to connect it to your network .
  8. Click OK .
  9. Now you  should see this little icon switching
  10. Now you are connected by WIFI with full bars .
  11. If you would like to change your Wifi settings before you go through activation,  that's no problem at all.
  12. You are ready to go !!

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