Asus Router

Asus router is the router  wireless antenna with Broadcom chip . Broadcom Is well known for making great Wifi chips.  It has also guest access up to poor separate networks . Not only this but it also has an easy switch software for a fast switch to make it your router access point for a range extender.

It has a iCloud up enable ,Which  means you can link your home network and online web storage services which would give  you access to your files anywhere using a iCloud mobile app , whether it's be iOS Android or a personal browser URL. It has 3 9 decibels antenna which can provide up to 300% coverage and the stronger transmissions and perfect for larger homes and officers .Also It has a USB port for your file printer or 3d sharing and best part of this is that it has a three year warranty on the back.  It comes with 300MB past speed . It can copernicium to large homes and supports web browsing QoS network traffic prioritization CD free setup and manage maintain simultaneous downloading

The Box contains s three long antennae ,  the router itself , a European power adapter the internet cable warranty card ,  user guide and lastly the antenna supporter .This router has a classy minimalist design also there is a life indicator on the top to the extras displays on both sides.  It has a plenty of X's on the bottom part to pour a burst on and a wall-mount screw hole. At the back of the router you will see the three mounting of the antenna and then the reset button of the router if you need to reset the configuration of the router,  the power button DC in USB port , WPS button .

For  LAN ports , installing this router is easy because you just  need to power this one then connect your model to the router and then connect the router to the computer after that you need to configure it . Asus RT and 14UHP router is really a great product with  minimalistic design with decent WIFI range. This router is your great investment .


  1. You just need to power up your router  then connect your model to the router and then connect the router to the computer.
  2. Now  you need to configure it and it will prompt the quick configuration of the router in the computer , if the computer is turned on already .
  3. If not you can head towards to its IP address  which is indicated at the bottom.
  4. Put the username and password : admin.
  5. So configuring this router is super simple,  you just set your router and add in information.
  6. Then next is Wi-Fi information then you are done .
  7. It would take a minute to configure it


Apart from the usual setup , you can also set up this router as a repeater . Many wireless routers does not have this option and if you wish to use them as one then you  have to install a third-party firmware such as dd-wrt but not with this one . wireless router but also as a repeater

  1. If your your primary router is already configured and it is working then all you need to do is a factory reset on the secondary router .
  2. Now  put it close to the primary router and keep it there while you configure it to be a repeater.
  3. After you are done you can take it to its actual location .
  4. Now if you connect your  computer with an Ethernet cable to the secondary router then open a browser on the computer and login to the router setup page.
  5. You will be able to see the welcome page in the manual setting page .
  6. Choose the operation mode which is going to be the repeater mode.
  7. Now it is going to scan for the available wireless networks in your area.
  8. So now you  can either choose to connect to the 2.4 gigahertz network or the 5 gigahertz Network.
  9. This is actually gonna be the connection between the wireless routers that you are  selecting here because the majority of my wireless clients uses the 5 gigahertz Network .
  10. Now you can either select to assign a static IP address to the repeater or se it to receive an automatic IP address from the DHCP server on the primary router.
  11. Now here I can configure the wireless networks that the repeater is going to broadcast,  these can be exactly the same as the ones on the primary router or can be different - it all depends on my network design and network requirements.
  12. For example if you use the exact same SSID name and password as the primary router it will help with the roaming process but if you want to separate the repeaters wireless network from the primary router then you can use a different SSID name and passwords for the repeater.
  13. And you have successfully set up your Asus router .

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