Norton Core Router

The norton core is a router and this router actually runs off an application which you can install on your phone iOS and Android. It not only  manage your router but also manage a couple of other elements that ordinarily may require an additional app. You now have it in one central location that's easy to use and easy to navigate . So , if you found that you've ever been concerned about potential security issues with your network this particular router will help isolate them by not only identifying them but also providing you with detailed information about it.

The norton core will protect you and any device connected to it against malware viruses and hackers. One more quality it has is , it'll even let you know if it's blocked a malicious site and the  device that it was blocked on .Other notifications such as, when a device might join your network you now have a timeline of all of that information . So you're not only going to get a notification of when it happened but you can also  go back in time to kind of check on anything that you might be questioning .

One more beautiful feature includes ,  It will give you a score in regards to where you rank on the scale of your network  being safe or unsafe or moderately safe. So, Norton tone  is known for their protection.  They're basically like one of those default programs that you install as soon as you get your PC and it's nice to know that their attention and focus on security does not just stop in their software but is now transferred over to a piece of vital hardware which is a router.


  1. To create a secure Wi-Fi network for your home Make sure you have your Norton Core package , an Android or iOS smartphone with mobile data , a Bluetooth connectioN , a working internet connection and a Norton account.
  2. If you do not have one you can create one during setup.
  3. First download the Norton Core app on your smartphone from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.
  4. Next place your Norton Core router near your existing internet connection.
  5. Now make sure that you turn on bluetooth on your smartphone.
  6. Launch the Norton Core app.
  7. On your phone tap Setup Norton Core.
  8. Read the License Agreement and tap Agree & Launch.
  9. Tap Next.
  10. Select your current Internet broadband setup.
  11. If your current setup includes a separate modem and a router select this option.
  12. If your current setup includes a gateway device and modem combined with a router select this option
  13. After selecting your current setup Tap Next.
  14. Unplug your modem and router or gateway disconnect all the cables and tap Next.
  15. Connect your Norton core to your modem or Gateway using the Ethernet cable included with your Norton Core.
  1. Tap Next.
  2. Now power up your modem or gateway and your Norton Core devices.By plugging them in to an electrical outlet and Tap Next.
  3. Ensure that the LED light next to the LAN port is blinking green and Tap Next.
  4. Clean up the cables using the supplied cable management clip and tap Next.
  5. Ensure that your smartphone has a working internet connection and tap Next.
  6. You may have to wait for up to 10 minutes to download the latest updates. It is important that you do not reset or power down your router.
  7. Blinking white lights on the underside of your core indicate that it is trying to establish a secure connection and download the latest updates.
  8. Once your core is updated, tap Next.
  9. To activate your core router enter the email and password that you used to purchase Norton Core from
  10. Tap Sign In If you do not have a Norton account, you can create one by using the Create an Account option
  11. 26.Once successfully logged in, tap Next.
  12. Enter a name and a password for your new wireless network then tap Create.
  13. That's it, you have successfully set up your secure wireless network.


How to troubleshoot your Norton core Wi-Fi router ? what to do if your Norton core router suddenly stops working ? what to do if your devices are not connecting to your Norton core network?
These are the common issues you might face and the questions that might come to your mind while dealing with it , Now you can troubleshoot all this by your own .

IF your Norton core router suddenly stopped working :  check if the bottom light is glowing solid white ,  if it is off try reconnecting the power cable to another outlet .

  1. If it is solid amber make sure your modem is properly connected and powered on.
  2. If the bottom light glows solid white connect your computer to the land port and check if you can access the internet  . if not , contact your internet service provider
  3. If you Norton suddenly stopped working you can try power cycling the norton core device by unplugging and plugging it back into the power outlet.  you can also use your norton core app to restart the device.
  4. Note that this works only if the router device is connected to the internet . you need mobile data connectivity to restart from the app as you may have lost the norton core Wi-Fi connection to restart.
  5. The norton core device using the app launch .
  6.  On the top left corner . Tap the menu icon
  7. Tap Settings router restart in the restart  Norton core screen and tap confirm
  8.  The router light blinks rapidly indicating the restart .
  9.  Wait for one minute,  the light changes to a slow blinking white.
  10. Check if your devices can connect to the norton core wireless network and can access the internet.
  11.  If the problem persists factory reset the norton core from the norton core app .
  12. Launch the norton core app in the top left corner and tap the menu icon
  13.  Tap Settings router reset in the reset screen and select factory reset tap   in the confirmation screen and tap confirm
  14. The router light blinks rapidly indicating the reset and then changes to a slow blinking white .
  1. After the factory reset completes  The norton core app displays the welcome screen
  2. Tap set up norton core to setup your protected network from scratch
  3. Three devices can connect to the norton core wireless network and can access the Internet
  4. if you cannot reset using the app for any reason then factory reset your norton core device using the reset button.
  5. The reset button is the leftmost button marked with a rounded arrow .
  6. Press and hold the reset button for  seconds and then release it
  7. The device light blinks rapidly indicating the reset and wait for one minute the light changes to a slow blinking white .
  8. Now you need to setup your protected Network from scratch.
  9.  After setting up check,  if your devices can connect to the Norton core network and can access the internet
  10. If you are having trouble connecting devices to Norton core check if Norton core network is visible when you search for a Wi-Fi network on your device. If it is visible select it and type the correct password to join the network.
  11. Also note that if you have a modem router combo you need to turn off the wireless capability of the combo device by setting it up in bridge mode.
  12.  It is possible that your devices might be connecting to your old wireless network.
  13. The lights that indicate wireless activity on your modem router will go off  when it is in bridge mode and it will function only as a modem.
  14. If the problem persists try restarting the norton core device from the Norton core app if that does not work perform the factory reset.

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