Tenda Router

Tenda Routers are very simple and  a lot simpler than Netgear routers in terms of  their interface , their web platform and pretty slim in design .

1.It comes with three land ports and the single web port USB which is actually USB 3 which is pretty awesome because a lot of browsers don't have that and then ,  It does have a power button so you can change that as your security switch up, a little reset button so that you can reset the whole router.

-  It also come with a  sticker which is listed on the back of the router  and of course the power adapter , in this case , it is a direct power adapter  to do the inversion back to DC power .

 -  It supports 4k UHD so it supports fast enough speed  and Ethernet ports provides 5g supports .

 - Like any other router it also requires WI-FI connectivity . you can use either a Windows PC or an iPad to do your Wi-Fi link  up unlike old days where you used to basically have to have a Windows machine to do the initial setups and channels .

2.  The best part is it has four antennas  , two of them are for the 2.4 band and the other two Bob gigahertz .

- If you're setting up your own router for the first time , you want to keep in mind,  if you only have one router in your house or your apartment or office or whatever and you want to get the internet place it  centrally your location for better speed .

- It gives you all the different bands , you got up to 300 megabits per second on the different bands so that's gonna be sufficient

- There is an application that goes with the router called the tinder Wifi app . You can can download this tinder Wifi app it's free in the Play Store or the Apple App Store but basically it's a way that you can manage all your devices .

You can see all the different things that you  have connected to your tenda Wifi router. It also tells you if it's connected to the five gigahertz band or the 2.4 gigahertz . To do so simply go to  accelerate Wi-Fi and it will search for and see if there's any possibilities to maximize your bandwidth .

How to set up a tender router for wireless

  1. First open the browser and go to the IP address ( of your router, Admin is the username and password unless you change it .
  2. Go to WLAN settings for network mode.
  3. Now, select B G and n mixed-mode and make sure your wireless is enabled.
  4. Go to your security settings. Here, is exactly what you want WPA personal.
  5. AES passphrase is the password that you would need to get on to the router.
  6. For speed acceleration, go under lan settings and now click on advance settings.
  7. M You need to make sure that wmm capable is enabled.
  8. Now, Hit apply.
  9. Now, close the window and you are ready to go!!]

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