Tp Link Router

The  tp-link Wi-Fi extender is the 300 megabits per second version which would expand your Wi-Fi network . Tp link is the smart signal indicator with three hundred twenty four seven support.

It comes with a user manual and the quick installation guide and on the front there is a single power button that shows LED lights , the wireless signal , the ethernet as well as how many bars of signal strength that you're getting on your Wifi Also  down below There is a reset button and an Ethernet port and then on the back side you will be able to see an AC outlet and model and serial number

The Device is nicely designed , thin and very tall either so it has a very small footprint and also its is very light weight it has a one of the main things that it has an AC antenna which has really good  range also it has a AC NGP and 8 as USB 3.0 port has one 3.0 port it has a 2.0 port . Overall its must have product with perfect design and extended network !!


  1. Go to th To start with setup go to your WIFI settings
  2. Right click on our Wifi icon and once
  3. Connect your network   to the tp-link
  4. This will take a couple of seconds and ultimately you will be asked for a user ID .
  5. You can enter the default username and password which is admin and admin
  6. Once you type that in you can go ahead and click on login and that takes you to the next page.
  7. Now  you are prompted to create a new user ID or username and password to get into the device .
  8. You can always change your password and name of wifi , it is smart to make it at least eight characters
  9. Then click  confirm and it goes in scans for all available Wifi networks
  10. It will  gives you a list of available networks .


  1. Select yourwifi among available ones and click on next
  2. Now you will be able to see a diagram that shows you your primary router name and password and the range extenders SSID name and password.
  3. Go ahead and click on save
  4. all those settings that we just made
  5. click on finish
  6. Now ,  click on the Wifi icon and go up and create a connection here
  7. Make your network public for extra security .
  8. It may take couple of seconds to make a connection and once it does you can see that it says connected and secured .
  9. Now you are ready to go !!


Hiding your wifi from broadcasting would lead to more secure
network and to do so ,

  1. Open any of your browser
  2. Enter the IP address .
  3. Hit enter .
  4. Here you  will be asked to enter username and password  , Where username to be admin and password to be admin again which is the pod username and password.
  5. Then click login.
  6. Now you will be able to see the tp-link page.
  7. Here  in the left hand side a lot of options are there in which you need to select wireless option .
  8. In wireless option you can see your wireless network name ,  it is also called as SSID in technical terms.
  9. So now here you can see ,  “enable SSID broadcast “ option which will be default already checked.
  10. This mean your WIFI is being broadcast,  so anyone can see my wifi .


  1. To hide  this , just uncheck this option.
  2. Click on save.
  3. To reflect the changes Reboot your Wi-Fi device .
  4. And , click “again reboot “ .
  5. Confirm it by clicking .
  6. This would take some few seconds to restart your Wi-Fi network.
  7. Now , just wait to restart it .
  8. Again , connect to your Wifi after giving the Wifi name and the password.
  9. So,  after restarting your Wifi , you must know the Wifi name to connect.
  10. Your now Wi-Fi network is hidden.
  11. Now when you go to this Wifi symbol and check for the Wi-Fi network , it will ask you to  enter the name SSID for the network .
  12. click on next and it will ask you for the password of the Wi-Fi .
  13. Click Next ,.
  14. Now you are connected to the WIFI and its hidden and secure .

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